“The CD is brilliant and beautiful! I like how you give the music space, Nick drake and David Ross MacDonald are great at this and it reminds me a little of their guitar based music.

I think that I would classify it as Music first and foremost. 🙂

However if I was to try to be more specific maybe atmospheric piano based pop compositions, or sparse piano based pop compositions could maybe be more descriptive.

I think that it is a real joy to listen to and would be okay classifying it closer to a mainstream genre ‘pop’ (without any negative connotations) as I imagine it could be ‘popular’ in that lots of people would like it. I have stolen this acceptance of pop from Greg Arnold who was the lead singer from Things of Stone and Wood (Happy Birthday Helen) who was unashamed in his defence of pop music to me one day.”

Stephen Clune review of Anna’s Tears CD

I like Hope Street’s unique atmospheric sound and lovely sincere vocals. The thoughtfully chosen musical elements and poetic lyrics take me on a journey. I especially love ‘Driftyard’ and the new song ‘Destinations’. At times these songs seem to paint a precarious picture of the world, but they always end up delivering me a positive message of persistence and hope.

Anna V